In 2011, the National CASA Association launched the I am for the child campaign.  The campaign was designed as a catalyst to strengthen the CASA mission that every abused and neglected child have a volunteer Court Appointed Special Advocate by their side.  Therein lies my motivation as an advocate when the task seems daunting.

10 Ways in which I am for the child:

  1. I am the “one constant” in the child’s life, assisting with all transitions until the child achieves permanency.
  2. I fight diligently for the child’s right to be treated with dignity and respect.
  3. I enable the child to see themselves as a valuable human being.
  4. I make myself available to bear witness of a child’s story which he or she may have never had the opportunity to tell before.
  5. I am an invisible shield protecting a vulnerable child from further abuse and neglect.
  6. I gather information from all areas of the child’s life —biological parents, foster parents, teachers, medical professionals, attorneys, social workers, therapists, and others.  Then I am a viable voice for the child’s best interests.
  7. I monitor the child’s needs, wants, and wishes.  I do everything in my power to make sure each need, want, and wish is fulfilled.
  8. I am there to catch an aching child’s tears or sit with him in his confused silence.
  9. I continually, without compromise, seek a safe and permanent home for the child.
  10. I am the child’s light in his darkness, hope in his hopelessness, and a voice when they are speechless.

When my CASA task becomes overwhelming, when litigation drags on for months, when parents make no progress or relapse in their treatment plan, I remind myself that…

I am for the child





“I am for the child” materials courtesy of the National CASA Association.