Monthly Archives: August 2018

22 Aug

If You Can’t Volunteer

The support for the work of Court Appointed Special Advocates in our community is overwhelming. Many people are not only familiar with the name “CASA,” but also the work that these CASAs do — advocating for abused and neglected children in the foster care system. This is due in part to the organization’s constant efforts to recruit new volunteers, but also largely thanks to the visibility of our current Advocates in informing their family, friends, and professional circles about their...

16 Aug

Beating the Courtroom Jitters

“You mean I have to speak in court?” “How will I know what to say?” “What if I forget to say something I meant to?” For Court Appointed Special Advocates, attending hearings can be one of the most intimidating aspects of advocacy.  But with a little bit of preparation, you might find that hearings are a breeze.  Here are a handful of tips and tricks to navigating the courthouse, from the CASA office and a few local legal professionals. Prep Work Let’s face it—the courthouse...

report writing
09 Aug

A Report Writing Cheat Sheet

Spoiler alert–I can’t give you what you might want from a report writing cheat sheet, namely a function key on the top row of your keyboard that reads “write reports.”  But what I can give is the next best thing, some thoughts about the process of writing reports and some suggestions to make the process go more effectively for you.  Let me break things down. Process, Purpose and Audience On a recent weekend I decided to take my Jeep for a jaunt...