Monthly Archives: March 2019

29 Mar

Cultural Competence and the Cycle of Socialization

On the wall of the CASA of Yellowstone County training room are several posters reminding us that Court Appointed Special Advocates need to exercise cultural competence. Two of those posters read: Ethnic and cultural background influences an individual’s attitudes, beliefs, values and behaviors. Each family’s characteristics reflect adaptation to its primary culture and the majority culture, the family’s unique environment and the composite of the...

04 Mar

Two Months In

On February 28, our office received the initial court documents for DN 19-065. To most people, that string of letters and numbers would have little significance, but in fact it tells us a lot. The DN stands for Dependency & Neglect, which is the type of legal proceeding that pertains to children being removed from their home due to abuse or neglect. The 19 is probably the easiest to figure out, as it’s just the year that the case was...