Monthly Archives: November 2019

14 Nov

Childhood Trauma & Public Health

Court Appointed Special Advocates know that childhood trauma affects adult life. During CASA training we complete the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) questionnaire, which measures a person’s risk for adverse adult experiences connected to childhood trauma. The seminal research which informs this questionnaire was conducted in 1995-97, in cooperation between the Centers for Disease Control and the Kaiser Permanente HMO in Southern California. Broadly speaking, the research confirmed what common sense had long suspected. Multiple lasting adult impacts can be traced to...

04 Nov

Make a Difference This Holiday Season

With the holidays approaching, right now there are over 800 children in Yellowstone County foster care. Those 800 children will be spending their Thanksgiving, their Christmas, and their snow days in a home that is not theirs. In addition to whatever circumstances preceded their entry into foster care, the trauma of being removed from everything that is familiar to them and growing up in a world of inconsistency and turmoil can lead to lifelong struggles for many of these children....