Monthly Archives: January 2020

06 Jan

A Day in the Life of a CASA

Let me preface the following blog with:      I do not live in Billings. Many times I purposely schedule multiple visits, errands, meetings, etc. in one day.      I do not have a set schedule. My husband and I are small corporation owners, so I am in charge of my work day.  Some days are more flexible than others. There are always many options for scheduling my CASA duties.        Court Appointed Special Advocates come from many facets of...

02 Jan

CASA and Civic Action

  Abstrakt Xxcellence Studios I recently received a jury summons. My first response was gratitude that I’d have the opportunity to participate in our society’s judicial process. As a program coordinator at CASA of Yellowstone County, my second response was mild chagrin to learn that the chosen day was already chock full of appointments with Court Appointed Special Advocates and coworkers. My third response was the hope that said CASAs would understand that this was out of my control and the frantic...