Monthly Archives: April 2020

30 Apr

How to Make a Difference for Kids Right Now

First, I’ll get the easy one out of the way. If you want to make a difference for a child in foster care – not just right now, but for a lifetime – consider becoming a volunteer Court Appointed Special Advocate. You can learn more about what this entails by going to the Volunteer button above, or clicking here. You can also read about the true stories of their impact in Yellowstone County by accessing our Stories page up...

21 Apr

Vulnerability and Advocacy

I’ve been thinking a lot about vulnerability lately. It’s a term I often hear thrown around: “That population is vulnerable to infection and illness.” “After the trauma of removal, it takes a lot for a child to get vulnerable with others again.” Or, when playing board games, “That city is vulnerable to attack.” Julia M Cameron Vulnerability can seem like a liability. If I am vulnerable, I am exposed to external pressures and may become injured. I could experience pain—sometimes physical pain, but often even...

16 Apr

How to…Advocate for Children from a Different Religious Background

Imagine that you are a six-year-old sitting at a dinner table with a family you just met. Unfamiliar faces and voices swirl around you in a confusing mix. You don’t understand why you’ve been brought to this home by strangers. Where are your parents and what did you do wrong that they gave you away to another family? The lady who told you she’s your foster mom puts a plate in front of you and tells you that it’s pork...