Monthly Archives: May 2022

20 May

One Constant

  When I signed on the dotted line, little did I know that ” I pledge to serve as the “one constant” for the child, assisting with all transitions until the child receives permanency” would lead me to still advocating for his wishes and well-being six years later. What has not been consistent during his years in foster care: He has changed schools 6 times. His judge has changed. His attorney has changed. His social worker has changed, although his current social worker has been on...

03 May

On Filing Cabinets

            One of the ongoing projects over the last few months at the CASA office has been, one by one when we find ourselves with a few minutes to spare, converting closed case files to a digital format.  Since our inception in 2003, CASA of Yellowstone County has retained case notes and documents related to cases, no matter how long ago they closed. We recently took the plunge to convert all those old files to a digital format in an...