CASA Updates

19 Sep

Family Engagement Meeting Tips & Tricks

One of the tools used by Department social workers as they strive to keep families whole is the family engagement meeting, or FEM.  An FEM is a unique opportunity to bring together the adults in the child’s life, and sometimes even the child once the child is old enough, to hash through the issues before them. An FEM is one of the “firsts” that a CASA’s peer coordinator or program coordinator will attend with you.  But if it’s been a while...

30 May

CASAs and White, Male, and Binary Privileges

In January 2017, four Native Americans from Pryor drove to Reed Point to attend a basketball game.  They reported being denied entry to the game until a group of white Reed Point people were allowed into the school gym.  Although the Montana Human Rights Bureau subsequently found that there was no discrimination, merely a misunderstanding, it’s worth asking why such a story connects with another, more recent one, this time from Colorado. In early May, two young Native American men drove...

27 Jan

“Hands of Hope” program lending a helping hand to non-profits in Yellowstone County

January 5, 2016 It’s a voice for abused and neglected children, and for the second time, CASA of Yellowstone County is recognized for its efforts in the courtroom to help local children. CASA’s advocacy is done solely through the efforts of volunteers. Since 2008, Western Security Bank Hands of Hope program has been lending a helping hand to non-profits in Yellowstone County. CASA is just one of four 2015 finalists chosen by Western Security Bank for a $10,000 grant. Other finalists include Big Brothers Big...