Online Resources

Educational Resources for Youth and Adults

  • Healing of the Canoe
    Curriculum for youth focused on suicide and substance abuse prevention, using community-specific traditions and beliefs to strengthen youths’ connection to their communities and cultures, and strengthen their hope and optimism.
  • Healthy Native Youth
    One-stop-shop for tribal health educators, teachers, and parents, providing the training and tools needed to access and deliver effective, age-appropriate programs.
  • Multimedia Circle of Life (MCOL)
    Sexual risk-reduction program designed for ages 10-12 years, teaching skills such as goal setting, decision making, and standing up to peer pressure.
  • StyleHorse Collective
    Group of indigenous artists who work with tribal organizations to create inspiring and educational film and music projects.
  • We R Native
    Comprehensive health resource for Native youth, by Native youth, providing content and stories about the topics that matter most to them.

National Indian Child Welfare Association

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Mecca of online resources for eliminating child abuse and neglect, by strengthening families, tribes, and the laws that protect them.

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