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Dearest Kiddos,

The day I received my case appointment papers was the day you were officially mine.  You were my responsibility.  I agreed to give you a voice; a sense of belonging; a sufficient, safe home; a constant presence until you received permanency.  I did not realize at that time what I would glean from you.  You have become one of my greatest blessings.

As I look back on the years that we navigated the legal system together, I acknowledge that I have learned a lot more from your story than I have from our judicial system.  The legal jargon is impressive, but your simple words and innocent facial expressions have spoken to me far deeper.

You have taught me resilience.  You have picked up the tiny pieces of life that you were given and grown by leaps and bounds.  You have compensated for being born into an environment not suitable for thriving.  You have adapted amazingly to the disability that you were born with.  You have turned that obstacle into a dream.  Reach for the stars, my child!  Of course you can teach others to walk someday.

You have taught me about the unwavering, faithful love that a child will have for his mother.  Your unconditional love is an inspiration.  Despite the many ways she has failed you, your love is steadfast.  May I learn to love so unselfishly.

You have taught me that there is security in familiar consistency.  It is okay to have chicken nuggets every Friday.  Those visits have become my normal too.  When you receive permanency and those visits end, I will miss them. There was “big medicine” in those nuggets for both of us.

You have taught me that it is perfectly fine to sit in silence.  Words aren’t always necessary to express your feelings.  Your silence spoke louder than words.

I have heard it said that it only takes one stable, caring, supportive adult to lead a child to a positive outcome in the face of adversity.  Now I have witnessed first hand how a child can make a profound difference in the life of an adult.  I pray that I have made a difference for you too.

You are my superhero.