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Who We Are

CASA of Yellowstone County is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to advocate for a safe and permanent home for abused and neglected children in Yellowstone County. This is accomplished through the work of volunteer Court Appointed Special Advocates, appointed by a judge to represent a child or group of siblings in foster care and speak up for the children’s best interests. Court Appointed Special Advocates are responsible for visiting the children regularly at the foster home and school, and investigating aspects of the case. With the information they gather, Court Appointed Special Advocates write monthly reports that are distributed to the judge and legal parties in the case. They also attend all court hearings to be the voice for the children in court. For the length of a case, which on average lasts 18 to 24 months, each Court Appointed Special Advocate makes a commitment to stay with the child until the conclusion of their time in the foster care system. They are the one constant in that child’s life in a time of inconsistency and turmoil.

Current Situation

A record number of Montana children are in foster care.

Children in foster care in Yellowstone County

Children served by a Court Appointed Special Advocate

Children waiting for a CASA in Yellowstone County

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