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26 Jun

‘Trauma Season’: The Challenges of Summertime

For many children, the school year means regular meals, adult supervision, and a safe place to go during the day. As the school year wraps up and summertime begins, many of these basic safety nets go away for the summer months, leaving children who experience abuse and neglect in their homes more at-risk than ever. Statistically, summertime is one of the most dangerous times of the year for children and is known among medical and public health communities as “trauma...

11 Jun

A Little Criticism Goes A Long Way

via iMom As CASAs, how about striving to inspire and lift up the spirits of our kiddos? These little people come from environments that are full of criticizing and scolding. Their ears have heard domestic violence in one form or another. They have experienced hot tempers and vulgarity due to traumatic situations. Voices have escalated and the little beings have been caught in the middle. Even if the rage was not toward them directly, they still suffer the negative consequences. The abused...