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by | Mar 5, 2021 | CASA Blog, CASA Updates

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Peer Coordinator Kathy James
Kathy has lived in Montana since she was born. She grew up on a farm near Cascade MT, went to nursing school at St. Patrick Hospital in Missoula, and moved to Billings in 1981. She worked as a nurse at St. Vincent Healthcare for 34 years and retired in 2015. Kathy’s first husband Mike Webster was an attorney at the Crowley Law Firm. They raised 4 children together.  He died in 2002. Kathy married Doug James in 2005.  Doug is an attorney at the Moulton Bellingham Law Firm, and they have 4 beautiful grandchildren, with a 5th on the way.  Doug and Kathy have traveled all over the world. Africa, especially Egypt were highlights for her. They both enjoy reading and are looking forward to traveling again after the pandemic. Kathy is also a Make-A-Wish volunteer and on the Billings TrailNet board. She became a CASA in 2016 with the encouragement of her daughter, Heather Sather, and a few friends were also CASA volunteers. Kathy’s initial CASA case was dismissed in 2019. Watching the birth parents accept responsibility and turn their lives around for the good of their children was extremely rewarding.  She has been able to stay in touch with the family since the case was dismissed and they have continued to put the children first. Kathy’s advice to anyone starting out as a CASA Advocate is to “be persistent and patient. The court system moves at a snail’s pace as all parties attempt to provide safety and security for the children.”


Advocate Rodney Casey
Rodney has been a volunteer Court Appointed Special Advocate for approximately 18 years and has served 25 children as a CASA. Ongoing public reports of child abuse prompted him to get involved with the CASA program. He is currently working with a young woman on his CASA case who will be aging out of foster care later this year. Her biggest concern as she approaches adulthood is how she will transition successfully into independent living without the support of any family members. Rodney has helped his CASA youth by providing relevant and important details regarding her situation and her wishes to all parties involved on the case. Information sharing is key to ensuring that foster youth have all the resources and services they need as they age out. When asked about being a CASA, Rodney said, “it’s not easy, but it will give you a better perspective of your own life.”






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Court Appointed Special Advocates are community volunteers who speak up for the best interests of children in foster care. Volunteer CASAs work for the best interests of kids by advocating for their safety and permanency.

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