With the holidays approaching, right now there are over 800 children in Yellowstone County foster care. Those 800 children will be spending their Thanksgiving, their Christmas, and their snow days in a home that is not theirs. In addition to whatever circumstances preceded their entry into foster care, the trauma of being removed from everything that is familiar to them and growing up in a world of inconsistency and turmoil can lead to lifelong struggles for many of these children. Of the 800 children in foster care, 315 of them are fortunate enough to have a Court Appointed Special Advocate. They have a caring adult on their side, committed to being a constant for them for as long as it takes to find a safe and permanent home. Their Advocate will visit them regularly at the foster home and school, and will always show up when it matters most — including at every consequential court hearing, so there is one more person speaking up for that child.

But do the math. If there are 800 children in foster care, that means 500 of them are still waiting for a Court Appointed Special Advocate — someone like you to step up and be their voice. If you think you can be that voice and give just 5-15 hours per┬ámonth to make a lifelong difference for a child in need, visit our Volunteer page to learn more:

CASA of Yellowstone County also relies on generosity from the community to continue advocating for abused and neglected children. If you believe every child in foster care deserves an Advocate, but at this time you can’t fill that role yourself, please make a donation using the button below and help us serve more of these kids.

Thank you for your support of CASA this holiday season. CASA of Yellowstone County serves hundreds of children in the Billings area and ensures that they have better outcomes both in the short term and in their lives after foster care. Your contribution to CASA will make an important difference for these children and their futures.

Ben McKee is the Development Director for CASA of Yellowstone County.